This is it! The new aurora season is here, even six days earlier than last year. I followed the solar wind data online and got this feeling in my gut… My mind was struggling to go home and sleep or try and see the night sky. Tonight was also the perseid meteor shower (the peak will be tomorrow, so check the night sky!) and on the way I saw a nice show of noctilucent clouds (NLCs) starting.

I went to a little marina near Oulu and there I saw a few shooting stars. So so wonderful to have dark skies again. Then I noticed this weak green arc behind the NLCs, it was very hard to see. The aurora went towards east and lit up strongly for a few moments. I ran with the tripod and a big smile over the grass to get the rowing boats into the shot. Boom! 🙂

I’m so thrilled to have seen auroras finally again after four months of bright nights. It is just like the first time all over again. Pure magic everytime and never ever gets boring.

Would you have lost sleep over this few-seconds aurora display or stayed rather indoors?

First auroras of the new season 2018/19