Last night … I’m not really sure how many times I used these words but well, here it goes…. Last night the auroras appeared for the second time this season. The nights start to be a little bit darker, now it is already more than two hours dark enough for them.

Driving to the chosen spot proved a bit difficult, especially the last kilometres as I saw bright northern lights in the car! But I concentrated on the road and set up my gear. Once my eyes adjusted to the dark, there was nothing anymore in the skies besides the beautiful yellow/orange last twilight. That only meant I was in no rush to walk to the pond and setup my gear.

It was a bit chilly and the rising moon lit up a wonderful layer of mist above the pond. After a while, the aurora came back and for a few moments was strong enough to produce reflections on the water easily visible for my eyes.

Looking up in the sky there were lots and lots of stars, so many more than two weeks back. Being out there with the moon, stars, twilight and mist is just wonderful. The mind starts to be at peace and in sync with the nature around.

Aurora borealis late summer
Magic moonlight