The last Northern lights of the season danced in the sky in Northern Finland. Now the nights are just way too bright. Only a few stars are still visible for a short time and in a few days also those will disappear until the end of summer. It seems only a short time ago when I captured the first lights of the season.

For me, mid-April auroras are special in their own way. The skies in the North are not completely dark anymore and the time for darkness becomes shorter and shorter. One other thing which I really like, is that the nights are not so cold anymore. That means I have to put on less layers, finally!

Here are two photos from the end of the season. The first one is taken in Oulu, you can actually see the ‘skyline’ on the horizon. The Baltic Sea still frozen but slowly retreating. The lights were dancing for nearly 40 minutes, so nice to enjoy them.

In the second photo I had only about 90 seconds time to get the photo. The skies were so bright and the Northern lights seemed so faint. Not much time to think about the foreground, but I saw this snowmobile track melting away and it looked quite fitting with the form of the aurora. So I ran there, took two photos and then it was all over.

These are not the most stunning, colorful, magnificent, mind-blowing aurora photos, but for me, I’m enjoying any kind of them. And someday I’ll catch early-may auroras. Somewhere 🙂

Last northern lights of the season in Oulu
Last northern lights of the season in Lapland