A day before Christmas it is time to take a breath and slow down the craziness. The past weeks have been very busy with photography and preparing new tours for next autumn. I’ve driven thousands of kilometers to explore potential locations and took just as many photos. I’m very excited about what is to come and plan to publish the tours I’ve worked out. For once we forget all about the snow and concentrate on water and reflections, day and night. If this made you curious, keep an eye on the tours pages in the coming weeks after New Years.

The last post was about the light project on feel Saana. While I was there, I experienced a crazy aurora ‘storm’. The sky was lit up in green bands all around. Many people stopped and looked in awe into the skies, just as me. I feel so small when the green stretched all across the horizon, it’s lifts my spirits in a way.. it is impossible to describe. My happy place.

When I saw the ‘explosion’ my hands took over taking care of the camera. It was nearly impossible to look away from the sky. Luckily I did and so the first photo below happened. Green and green above those snow-covered fells in Lapland. It moved, danced, swirled, got weak and stronger, rippled. Pure magic.

Do you notice the yellow/orange color in the snow? There is a good reason for that and you can see it in the second photo. The moon was just rising above the trees behind me. Still orange it cast long shadows over the icy lake with those same green bands in the sky. Just crazy, isn’t it?

For now – if you do celebrate – I wish you a Merry Christmas. Have a lovely time with your family, loved ones or friends 🙂

Auroras over Fells in Lapland
Auroras over Fells in Lapland