It’s been a long time since since the last post. So much has happened, so many challenges, so many good things, so many plans, so much I wanted to share and haven’t found the time. But today it’s about none of these. Within a few weeks, even days, almost everything has changed due to the corona virus.

Yesterday, Finland announced that the schools are being closed. Starting today our son is home and we will have lots of time together. I’m sure we will create wonderful memories, come up with new games to pass the time and also have some ‘cabin fever’ moments.

Also the borders will be closed. Hearing our prime minister saying that felt very strange and it surprised me how emotional it was for me. Living here since 21 years, Finland became a symbol of opportunity, freedom, peacefulness and much more. Now it feels a bit different. I suppose it is what we can and will make from these changes.

I took this photo in Norway, our neighbor country. I crossed the border countless times, sometimes for weeks sometimes for a few hours at night. I’ve been checked at the border control a few times, mostly at night. They asked what I do, I said chasing the northern lights, they smiled. When coming back into Finland they asked if I have anything to declare, anything of high value. I said aurora photos and they laughed.

Now both countries are closed and it is not possible for either side to visit. It’s so weird.

How are things where you live?

Hope you are safe and keep everyone safe around you!

Aurora in Norway