In the first part about the Aurora Borealis night of September 7th, I wrote about the evening. Up to the point around 02.00 when activity dropped and I was ready to go back to my accomodation. Let’s continue from there.

German flag Im ersten Teil über die Polarlichtnacht vom 7. September habe ich von den Polarlichtern am Abend geschrieben. Von Anbruch der Dunkelheit bis ca. um 2 Uhr. Die Aktivität hatte stark nachgelassen und ich war bereit zurück zur Hütte zu fahren. Und genau da geht es jetzt weiter.

Ensimmäisessä osassa revontuliyöstä syyskuun 7:stä kirjoitin illasta. Kello kahdelta olin valmis menemään mökille kun revontulien voimakkuus häipyi melkein kokonaan. Ja tuosta hetkestä tarina jatkuu.

It was time to sleep but.. more look at the data made clear the ‘real’ show might start just about now. Adrenaline was rising rapidly and then there was the question of where to go. Back to the evening spot? No, I had photos from there and wanted some other surroundings. I had a place in mind but it would take one hour to get there. What if the show intense but short? I would miss it completely. But it might be worth the risk. So I decided to drive and hike. Getting back on the road I drove just about one kilometer when the sky next to me lit up. OMG!! It was nuts! I pulled over at the next possibility and found myself on a bridge with water on both sides. That spot would have to do for now. I got out of the car, grabbed the camera and tripod and fired away.

Just after 2am, aurora borealis stretches through the sky

It’s hard to explain.. words what was really happening in the sky. Big arcs of Northern lights kept coming in, rising up and exploding in coronas. Over and over again. I can remember only one other night being so busy for such a long time. And certainly no night talking so much to Lady Aurora, to my camera and to myself 🙂

The best way to describe is through photos. They tell the best story:

Corona unfolding above the moon
Aurora madness
Across the road is more
Lovely aurora reflections
What's going on near the moon!

Which one of the five photos is your favorite?

For me it’s impossible to answer. They all have something in them. Looking forward to hear your opinions!

One last thing, getting photos of the aurora borealis like these five from one night is more than excellent. I’d be everytime over the moon having that. So to understand the madness of that night more, think about this fun fact: I took these photos within four (4) minutes!

Still to be continued…

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