The northern lights are back in the skies! A few nights later than last year, but just as beautiful. What a night!

It’s funny, because I wrote about butterflies in my last post and last night, when I left home here in Oulu in search of the lights, I had this feeling in my gut and was filled with joy and excitement. Somehow I was sure the Lady will dance, no idea where that certainty came from but I decided to go with it.

When I arrived at the location, I went through my usual routine (I might get into that some other time) and started to wait. And wait. And wait.. Nothing happened and I wondered if my gut was wrong after all. But even without the auroras, the night was beautiful, already many stars were visible, something I was missing all summer long.

So I kept waiting and at some point this very faint arc was barely visible above the bright horizon. Taking a test photo helps in these case and yes, there were the lights! After a while there was movement and structures visible. It’s when I took this photo:

Northern lights above a lake

There was a wonderful reflection on the water. On the left, a bit of noctilucent clouds made an appearance while on the right – just above the trees – Venus was shining brightly.

What did I do? I joined Lady Aurora and danced at the lake with a big smile 🙂

Hope you are safe and well.