Photographing the aurora during my first year(s) was pretty.. chaotic, I would say. Learning to setup the camera, trying out different settings – all that when either waiting for the lights to appear or when the move calmly. Once the Lady started to dance vividly, I was all over the place, so excited trying to capture any part of it.

With the years comes – I suppose – experience. At least what comes to finding the camera buttons in the dark and changing the settings. One thing never changed in all these years, and that’s me being excited seeing the aurora. Those lights will always be special. Moving slowly and gracefully your fast and furious, it will never be something I take for granted.

Calmly moving lights I can appreciate often internally without letting out sounds. It is different with quick-moving lights; my feelings need to get out. According to some of my tour guests, I often use the phrase ‘Oioioi’. I guess it is like a special kind of dance with Lady Aurora. She moves, I cheer 🙂

The photo below was such a moment which had the ‘Oioioi’ effect on me. The skies where full and full of auroras for hours. You can see more photos in my blog entries The great Aurora Borealis night of September 7 2017 – part 1 and also in Part 2. Lots and lots of Oioioi moments.

I took this photo on September 8th around 3am and The Colors of Lapland tour will start on …drum roll… September 8th in a few weeks with two spots still available. While any sighting of the northern lights is great, I am hopeful, that we will experience some Oioioi moments 🙂