The past month was extraordinary in many ways. Summer came just like that and melted all snow away. Many days were above +20C and all is green and blooming by now. The nights are bright and we will see stars only again in mid August. Every year at this time it seems that the last winter was many months ago as the change is so sudden.

For me, May (and June) has been  – besides family – all about bureaucracy and office work, drowning in paperwork like never before. As I’m doing different photo tours I needed to apply to become a registered travel organizer. Most of it is done and I can go forward with the tours. First one will be The Colors of Lapland -tour in September, only three months until it starts! Many of you heard about the new EU data rules with GDPR, that has been an ‘interesting’ project. After the busy winter season I hoped to have more time for photography projects, but I had to make the decision to pause them for the moment, getting all the one-time paperwork done before next season.

So it seems a lot is done and you can’t see much of it. But… 🙂 … I worked also on my photo galleries and they are finally online! Those pages will hopefully never be done as I want to add new photos when they are ready. If you would browse through my archive you wouldn’t believe how many wonderful photos there are, still waiting to be shared.

In “The Galleries” you can view all photos on one page. You can also browse through galleries according subject, season, region and country, depending what you would like to explore. Naturally, the photos will appear in multiple tags. You can see the name of the photo by either by hovering with the mouse over it or after you clicked/tapped the photo.

As we have summer by now, what is your favourite photo in the spring/summer gallery? Mine is this one:

Midnight magic II