It’s very cold and I have been out for many hours already. A light breeze keeps trying to get through my winter clothes. It slowly creeps in. Walking back and forth helps. At least for a while I can convince my mind that it’s true. My fingers move only slowly, the blood and tissue gets colder.

All that, but there is this scenery around me. The moon slowly setting behind some trees over a small river. The sound of water, it’s sound of life. If the water keeps going, so do I. Just a bit more. Behind me lovely auroras in the sky. A sky full of stars, revealing more and more as the moonlight looses its power.

It’s now or never, I gotta get back and warm up. Click. It’s almost the photo I wanted. The moon low enough to send out yellow light. It reflects on the half frozen river and the frost-covered trees. The only thing missing was the big aurora, it didn’t show up. The longer I look at the photo, the more I like it. Only a gentle touch in the background. Frozen paradise must be like this.

Moonset, river, winter, auroras