End of winter is a wonderful and sad time. Sad because the winter season and also the aurora season is over but wonderful to see the strength of nature awakening. On 29th of April 2019 I was capturing photos, videos, timelapses and drone footage of river Tornionjoki in Lapland. The ice was already breaking and partly left towards the Baltic Sea.

Watching those chunks of ice floating by with the rare sound of water after the long quiet of winter is magical. At times I was ‘just’ sitting at a bench and watched and watched.

I put together the video below from video clips taken on the ground or in the air (just the drone, not me..). Hope you enjoy it!

Just as I wrote this text I remembered a similar blog post and video a year back. Seems I’m drawn to the leaving ice somehow..

And yes, just as nature regains its strength, I re-start the blog. Hope you are still around. Drop me a comment if you like, I’d be happy to hear from you 🙂