I’m currently in Hetta, Lapland, working on a photo project to capture nature’s beauty in different seasons. The snow is gone, the leaves are out and even flowers are blooming, summer is here!

On my way here, I saw this big, dark cloud hanging over the river Tornionjoki near Ylitornio. Driving closer there was a bit of lightning starting and further away it looked like lots and lots of rain. When I passed the cloud, I saw this ‘doughnut’ cloud, something I’ve only see from photos and never in Lapland! I was so excited and at the same time a bit scared of the starting thunderstorm. But I had to get some photos and here is a panorama made of three captures:

Thunderstorm cloud in Lapland

After the photos, lightning got stronger and rain poured down, so I got the heck out of there, continuing towards Hetta.

For me, the best photos are captured when the connection between nature and myself is on  a certain level. It’s really hard to describe, but somehow I just feel to write about it. Sometimes I’m out and it just doesn’t feel right, even though the light and all is wonderful. Then I try to capture it and get some decent photos, but something is missing. Many things play into this such as mood, health, relationships, fitness, but that is not all. There is at least one more factor and maybe someday I will realize what it is. Until then I will continue to trust my gut.

Here is one photo from last night, when precious sunlight came through the clouds. It was so quiet and peaceful at that lake, pure tranquility.

Midsummer nights are wonderful

Now it is 22.50 (10.50pm) and the sun goes round and round. So actually it’s time to head out to take more photos. Next sunset here in Hetta will be on July 20th 🙂