This week seem to be great sunsets every single night. How I wish to have time to head out all the time. The colors are candy-like when the clouds are right, it’s magical.

Today I want to show you two photos from the other night, sunset around 23.00 hrs (11pm) above the Baltic Sea. It was more windy than usual and the water therefore a bit restless. Perfect time to play around with the exposure time and see the effect.

The first photo is a long exposure of eight seconds to smoothen the water, the second photo is a ‘normal exposure’ (interesting question, what is normal..) of 1/160s. As the photos are taken a while apart, the strong glowing colors are not as strong in the second photo anymore.

Which one do you prefer? And have you ever seen the sunset so late in the evening?

Hope you are safe and keep everyone safe around you!

Long exposure summer sunset - 8s
Long exposure summer sunset - 8s