Some sunsets are… well, look for yourself. During last January’s Lapland Winter Paradise tour we were priviledged to see and photograph incredible light. Long before that sunset the sky, the sun, the clouds, it seemed all come together… maybe… somewhere. With some luck and – dare I say – some experience, we happened to be at the right place just in time to explore the surroundings.

Walking through the forest was an adventure itself. Even the thinnest branches and twigs had snow on them. The temperature was very cold. All the while, the clouds moved in and started to light up in shades of purple and orange, accompanied by some streaks of bright blue sky in between. The glow got stronger with more clouds until it slowly faded away. The water on the lake revealed reflections of trees. And if that wasn’t enough, fog rose from the water as daylight faded. The blue hour gave everything an even colder touch. It was so beautiful.

Until then, I already took quite a lot of photos, of which I’ll post some later on. There, the colors are very intense. But it was this photo, I was drawn to the most.

Some sunsets are … ?

Hope you are safe and well.

PS: It is possible to get large prints of many photos. If you would like one, let me know.

Last daylight in winter paradise