Editing Aurora Photos – Live Webinar

In the ‘Editing Aurora Photos’ live webinar Thomas will walk you through the editing process of northern lights photos. Via screen-sharing you can follow every step easily and of course ask any questions you have. The editing software used will be Adobe Lightroom Classic.

If you like, it is also possible to edit some of you photos, either northern lights or any other photos for which you would like to get insights. The photo transfer will be done prior to the webinar.

Thomas has been chasing the aurora borealis for nearly ten years. His photos have won several international photography awards and have been published in numerous medias.

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This live webinar lasts about 45 minutes and can be booked throughout the year. There are no fixed dates available. Please use the ‘Inquire here’ – button to inquire possible dates.


This webinar is for anyone interested in (aurora) photo editing techniques.


This live webinar can be done in English, German or Finnish.

Price per household

EUR 84.00 / household
For corporate events and larger groups, please use the contact form to inquire prices.

Included in price

– a 45-minute live webinar with Thomas with
– step-by-step editing of aurora photos
– interactive Q&A possible as we are live

Required technology

For this webinar you should have at least a good Wi-Fi connection or a 3G flatrate for data or better, depending where you are. The faster your internet connection is, the smoother your experience will be. Apart from that, you should have at least a tablet, better a laptop or a desktop with a browser for screen-sharing. As we look into details of Adobe Lightroom it is of advantage to have a large display.

Detailed information


Will be added later.

Any questions?

If you have questions related to the Editing Aurora Photos live webinar or anything else, please use the contact form.