Lapland – Virtually Live

Explore Lapland – virtually live together with Thomas Kast during daytime. This is your tour and you can choose what you want to experience. We can either be at a river, a lake, on a fell, in the forest or in a small town. In winter, snow-covered trees and the polar night create a unique atmosphere. In summer we can out at midnight and see the never-setting sun and in autumn explore the vast range of fall colors.

You will learn things about Lapland and you can ask questions about life in Finland, photography, northern lights, anything which comes to your mind. Thomas spends several months every year in Lapland scouting nature for beautiful nature locations and guiding groups.

Thomas will bring his camera gear and take some photos. No, not just some photos, your photos! During this tour, you can explain to Thomas what photo you want. “Hey, can you take a photo of this snow-covered tree which looks like an animal?” or “We just passed a great looking place, can we go back, explore that more and perhaps take a photo?”. Just ask and Thomas will try his best to get the photo for you. You even can watch him taking the photo for you and afterwards you will receive a small set of photos.

If you are looking for more photography insights, there are two optional extras – one during the tour (Settings & Composition) and one afterwards (Editing).

Weather permit: In case of totally unsuitable weather (like heavy rain, snow storm, etc) we will reschedule the tour to later date.

If you choose to book this virtual live tour multiple times, we will of course visit different locations.


Season / Date

The ‘Lapland – Virtually Live’ tour lasts 45 minutes and is possible to arrange throughout the year. It highly depends on you which season you like to experience. There are no fixed dates available. Please use the ‘Inquire here’ – button to inquire possible dates.


This tour is from individuals to families from one household. For inquiries for larger groups please use the contact form.


This tour can be done in English, German or Finnish.

Required technology

You should have at least a good Wi-Fi connection or a 3G flatrate for data or better, depending where you are. The faster your internet connection is, the smoother your experience will be. Apart from that, a mobile device, tablet, laptop or a desktop should all work. Keep in mind, a larger display will let you have a larger view.

Price per household

EUR 94.00 / household
For inquiries regarding larger groups please use the contact form.

Included in price

– a private 45-minute virtual live tour
– agreed location type in Lapland (river, lake, fell, forest or town, etc)
– photos will be taken for you and you receive a small set of photos afterwards

Bookable Extras

 – Settings & Composition (EUR 15.00)
On location, Thomas will go with you through different camera settings and explain his thought process on the photo compositions.  Adds about 20 minutes to the tour.

 – Editing (EUR 30.00)
At a separately agreed time after the tour, Thomas will walk you through the editing process of some photos taken during the tour. Via screen-sharing you can follow every step easily and of course ask questions. Editing software used: Adobe Lightroom. Duration: 30 minutes.

Detailed information


Will be added later.

Any questions?

If you have questions related to the ‘Lapland – Virtually Live’ tour or anything else, please use the contact form.