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Hey, I’m Tarja – German-Finnish radio and TV journalist, photographer and book author. My heart beats Finnish and so my origin has become a passion. I live on Lake Constance and whenever possible, I travel to my heartland. More about me: https://tarjapruess.de
Even though my mother was Finnish and our home was very Finnish, my mother tongue is German. I speak English better than Finnish.

Since 2013 I’m writing about Finland with great enthusiasm – my articles and stories are published on my blog (tarjasblog.de), in newspapers and magazines, online magazines and books.

My books about Finland are not classic travel guides, but rather I write about my experiences and encounters with the Finns and the Sami, about nature, the seasons, everyday life, special features, the silence – and of course the Northern Lights. The books are also suitable as preparation for a Salamapaja trip and in German: 111 Reasons to Love Finland | 111 places in Helsinki that you must have seen | What you thought you NEVER wanted to know about FINLAND.

Becoming addicted to the aurora borealis at first sight is completely true for me. I saw the very first ones together with Thomas during an unforgettable night in Hetta of all places – it was my first photo trip. Yes, what can I say…since then “Lady Aurora“ is in my mind and in my heart. Shortly after that I started my photography training.

Photography is the best way for me expressing myself when words are not enough. In one click I can capture unique moments and share them with others. I can convey my view, my perspective, my mood. Ideally, a good photo already tells a story. When I write, I try to put landscapes, experiences and feelings into words, to make them tangible, to take people with me on my trips. And one of the nicest compliments is always when readers confirm exactly that: That they have the feeling of being there, of travelling with me. Where words end, photography helps me – and vice versa: where photography reaches its limits, words help me. In this respect, a perfect complement.

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Auroras are magical for me. Even if science can explain the phenomenon better and better, this does not diminish the fascination. In the meantime, I have seen the spectacle at different times of the year and in several places. And every time, I’ve felt the tingle, the anticipation, the excitement, the hope – and when they suddenly appear and float across the sky, sometimes dancing, whizzing and eventually burning up again – I marvel in awe at one of nature’s greatest wonders. And every time I feel richly endowed.

Once you have seen the northern lights with your own eyes, something changes in your life. Something changes in the way you think about life.