The aurora season has come to an end and the last weeks of it have been.. let’s say: different than usual. Normally this is a very busy time at work, lots of tours and guests. This year it was very tough: no tours, no guests, no income. So now it is about brainstorming and developing new ideas, getting other projects off the ground a bit earlier and so on. It is a huge undertaking which requires a lot of time and yet, I have decided to spend the majority of my time home schooling my son and being with my family. There have been many precious moments during this time, which would never have been possible otherwise. For that I am so thankful.

These past months have been a very powerful time for me in so many aspects. From facing fears to reflecting and refocusing. This crisis lets us, or rather makes us, re-think and/or reassure us of our values, our priorities, what and who is important to us.

Here some photos I took ‘chasing’ the auroras here in Oulu, where I live, during the last weeks of the aurora season. Now, the nights are too bright, there are no stars visible anymore and Lady Aurora is resting until autumn.

Hope you are safe and keep everyone safe around you!

Auroras above Toivoniemi, Oulu
Auroras at home
Last auroras of the season above Oulu and the frozen Baltic Sea